Protect Our Aquifer believes any risk to our aquifer is unacceptable, particularly TVA’s Contamination of Memphis Groundwater.

Sign our petition which will be hand delivered to all Shelby County elected officials.

Protect Our Aquifer is a non-profit citizen group formed to support the conservation and protection of the Memphis Sand Aquifer for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our objectives

  1. Raise public awareness of the Memphis Sand Aquifer and its value to the community.
  2. To provide public oversight of TVA’s Remedial Investigation Work Plan to prove their new wells are safe and will not contaminate the Memphis Sand Aquifer.
  3. Strengthen the Shelby County Groundwater Control Ordinance with improved well permitting rules and overall management of the aquifer within Shelby County, including public notice, participation, and mandatory Board review of all industrial well permits.

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Board Members

Ward Archer

Jason Farmer

Mark Fleischer

Robert Gurley

Jim Kovarik

Jimmy Lewis

Greg Maxted

Hite McLean

Jenna Stonecipher

Peggy Turley